Los Paisanos Restaurant menu in Fontana, California, USA

Okay so here’s my experience I’ve known this spot for years and I’ve taken many of my friends there m in fact I took my father that I haven’t seen in years to this place . For his very first time
Due to the corona virus we had to order to take out so I knew this place had the best gorditas at least. They used . To

We ordered 4 gorditas 1 Coke for my pops and 1beer for myself to enjoy the wait. Total came out to $32.46
So I pay the lady . In my mind . I think that’s okay . But I’m pretty sure I got overcharged or there prices went extremely up but I didn’t complain .
So we get home and the order was completely wrong so I call and let them know
The supervisor there was extremely professional and she told me I can come in any time I’d like to get the gorditas replaced. I had to leave to Baja ca the next day and didn’t come back weeks later I called again once I came back and spoke to the supervisor again extremely professional I had ordered my gorditas and asked for cream and cheese and I would pay extra for that.
So I got there picked up the gorditas and was charged $3.94 for cream and cheese so I pay her and go on home . I did not find cheese only cream
I didn’t bother calling back. .but all I know is the food. Isnt like it used to be. And for what you order they charge expensive prices compared to other high top Mexican restaurants.