Louie’s Italian Restaurant


Universal Studios Florida in New York, between Revenge of the Mummy and Beetlejuice


Pasta, pizza, salad, soup, cookies, cake, fruit, gelato, Italian ices, turkey legs, beer.

Entrée Range

Lunch and Dinner: Adult $10-40,


One of the largest indoor restaurants in the Studios and a good
choice to get out of the hot sun. The name of the restaurant is an homage to
the movie The Godfather, which had a very famous scene set at Louie’s Restaurant.
The food is nothing special, and the whole pies are outrageously
overpriced at more than $35 apiece, but it’s hard to screw up pizza and
pasta. Pizza fries are also served here seasonally, sometimes exclusively to
annual pass holders. Guido’s, a small counter in the corner, offers a limited
selection of frozen Italian desserts. Be warned: It can be very crowded
throughout the afternoon.

House Specialties

Spaghetti with meatballs or vegan sausage; fettuccine Alfredo;
cheese, pepperoni, or veggie pizza; Caesar salad; soup; cookies; cake; fruit
cups; gelato; Italian ices; pizza fries; beer.