Love Shack menu in DFW Airport, Texas, USA

The crispy fried chicken sandwich at this place was amazing! Really big, really juicy, really flavorful. Fries were also good. My travel companions enjoyed their burgers too. But the menu choices are really basic, not what I expected from a chef owned establishment and not how the airport restaurant guide described it. And the service, because of the menu/ordering app they use, is terrible. The server has to enable ordering for each table but he didn?t explain that everyone at the table has to order on one phone or he has to do something different when he enables ordering. My order didn?t get placed. When I asked the server he was quick to put it in, but it all could have been avoided if there had been a little more interaction from the beginning. Really you don?t even have to use the app to order, if you can get the servers attention. And basic things like bottled or mineral water on it so ended up not having anything to drink. I don?t blame the server or kitchen for bad service, I blame inane app and how it?s set up.