Luanda | Cape Verdean + Angolan Restaurant & Lounge in Brockton, MA


Our (grand)parents, Vitalino & Nha Nha, were born, and raised in Cape Verde. In the early 1960s, they chose to immigrate to Angola in order to give themselves, and their children an opportunity at a better life. By the 80s & 90s, those same children (and their offspring), began immigrating to the Greater Boston area.

We have always had a love for cooking, and to this day, we are continuously perfecting our craft. A few years after arriving in the United States, we chose to take our hobby and transform it into a business. Since both Cape Verde, and Angola have significant historical ties to Portugal, our menu ends up featuring elements of all of these countries. We also have several original dishes, and local favorites mixed in, that are exclusive to just Luanda. To our knowledge, we are the only full-service restaurant establishment with this unique cultural blend, in the entire Western Hemisphere.