Lynn Garden Restaurant menu in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA

My husband and I went there for a late lunch a few days ago. When we walked in there was no staff and no customers anywhere and several tables that hadn’t been cleared off yet. We picked a table at the back and waited. The waitress came out a couple of minutes later. She was VERY slow. Our table needed wiping off and she told us we could move to the next table if we wanted but we said we were fine. She said ‘Well I guess I’ll have to wipe it off then’. Wow. We ordered, they didn’t have anything for a salad and no onion rings. We each got a sandwich and tea. The cook brought out the food and cleared off the tables. The waitress cleaned up the dishes. My husband ran out of tea and waited for her to finish. She finished and never once checked on us. My husband got tired of waiting and took his glass to the counter where she was and told her he needed more tea. She didn’t even turn around and told him she was trying to get the clog out of the sink and that she had been trying all day. I seriously doubt that. Then she told him she’d bring it to the table in a little bit. 5 minutes later she finally brought it. We finished a few minutes later and went to the register to pay. She went back to the kitchen right then and we waited for several more minutes before she finally came back. She was SO slow. She really didn’t care if we were there or not. We didn’t tip and we won’t be back.