Main Menu – Best Mexican Food – To Go, Catered, or Dine-In – Abuelo’s Authentic Mexican Food

El Jefe Margarita – Hand-Shaken

Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila hand-selected, private barrels for Abuelo’s, Agavero Orange Liqueur, Fresh Citrus, Grilled Orange, Kosher Salt Rim. (210 cals)

Platinum Hand-Shaken Margarita – Rocks

El Jimador Silver Tequila, Agavero Orange, Fresh Citrus, Kosher Salt Rim. (280 cals). Add Shot of Chambord for an additional charge

Skinny Margarita – Rocks

Milagro Silver, Fresh Lime, No Cal Sweetener, Kosher Salt Rim. (140 cals)

Blackberry Mint Mojito – Hand-Shaken

Flor de Caña 4-year aged Rum, Blackberries + Mint, Fresh Citrus, Cane Sugar. (220 cals)

La Grandeza Margarita – Rocks or Frozen

Abuelo’s House Margarita; Tequila Oro, Citrus Liqueur, Gran Gala, Fresh Lime, Kosher Salt Rim; Regular (300/430 cals); Grande (500/710 cals). Add an Extra Shot of Milagro Tequila (Add 80 cals) for an additional charge.

Sangria Swirl – Frozen

Frozen Sangria swirled with frozen La Grandeza Margarita. Regular (390 cals); Grande (650 cals)

Chile con Queso

Our signature, handcrafted and deliciously creamy cheese dip. (360 cals)

Queso Diablo

A cheese dip made with seasoned ground beef, slow-roasted peppers and chiles, topped with queso fresco, Cholula salsa and cilantro. (390 cals)


Hand-mashed whole avocados, seasoned to perfection with lime juice, onions and diced tomatoes for a delicious guacamole. Large (340 cals); Small (180 cals)

Abuelo’s Dip Sampler

A medley of our savory specialties, featuring our chile con queso, queso diablo, guacamole and house-made chicharrones. (790 cals)

Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp

Three wild-caught fire-grilled shrimp, wrapped in hickory smoked bacon and stuffed with fresh jalapeño. Served on top of an Anaheim pepper drizzled with Cholula, Queso Fresco and chile con queso. (480 cals)

Green Chile Quesadilla

Handmade grilled flour tortillas filled with our cheese mix, Anaheim chiles, fire-roasted red chiles, mushrooms and sautéed onions. Served with sour cream, fresh guacamole and Southwest ranch dip. (1050 cals) | Add Fajita Chicken (Add 70 cals) for an additional charge.

Nachos Grande

Fresh tortilla chips topped with cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese, seasoned with your choice of ground beef, slow-roasted chicken or refried beans. Served with sour cream, fresh guacamole, pico de gallo and jalapeños. 13.79 (2050/1980 cals). Substitute marinated, fire-grilled Certified Angus Beef® steak* or Premium All Natural Chicken fajita $15.99 (2030-2190 cals).

Reynosa Salad

Hand-tossed, fresh lettuce topped generously with your choice of seasoned ground beef or hand-shredded slow-roasted chicken, creamy chile con queso, our famous charro beans, tomatoes, mixed cheeses and fresh guacamole, all in a lightly fried tortilla bowl. (1030/870 cals)

Grilled Chicken Salad

Fire-grilled, thinly sliced Premium All Natural Chicken breast with sweet mandarin oranges, honey-roasted almonds, raisins, tomatoes and avocado slices, mixed with fresh garden greens. Tossed with honey mustard dressing. (900 cals)

Fajita Salad

Crisp, fresh garden greens with grilled onions and peppers, topped with your choice of marinated, fire-grilled fajita Premium All Natural Chicken, Certified Angus Beef® steak* or shrimp, with our signature cheese blend and fresh guacamole. (530-610 cals)

Tortilla Soup

Our savory blend of seasoned chicken and garden fresh vegetables with diced avocados. Served with a side of sour cream, crispy tortilla strips and blended cheeses. Bowl (580 cals) | Cup with Entrée (230 cals)

The Grande

Three enchiladas – one beef, one cheese, and one chicken – a cheese chile relleno, tamale, crispy beef taco and our handmade guacamole. (1970 cals)

Quesadilla al Horno

Oven-baked quesadilla with your choice of fire-grilled Certified Angus Beef®* or chicken fajita, topped with melted cheese. Steak (990 cals); Chicken (940 cals)

Mi Abuelo’s Manjar

Grandfather’s favorite meal features three stacked enchiladas layered with beef, cheese and chile con carne. Topped with two eggs*. (1400 cals)


Hand-rolled beef enchilada, cheese enchilada and a crispy beef taco. (1110 cals)


Crispy beef taco, tamale, chicken and cheese hand-rolled enchiladas. (1270 cals)

Durango Burrito

Spicy hand-shredded beef rolled in a flour tortilla topped with our famous chile con queso. Served with handmade guacamole. (700 cals)

Fajita Chimichanga

Marinated, fire-grilled fajita Certified Angus Beef® steak* or chicken with cheeses and Anaheim chiles, in a lightly fried flour tortilla. Topped with chile con queso or ranchera sauce, and served with sour cream and fresh guacamole. Option of Steak | Chicken (1330-1360 cals)

Fajita Steak or Chicken Tacos

Fire-grilled fajita Certified Angus Beef® steak* or Premium All Natural Chicken, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheeses, guacamole and sour cream. Steak (820 cals); Chicken (780 cals)

Chile Rellenos

Two chile rellenos – one cheese, one shredded beef – topped with your choice of ranchera sauce or Abuelo’s famous chile con queso. (870/930 cals)

Enchilada Platter

Choose three of your favorite enchiladas with made-from-scratch sauces. Add Two Eggs (180 cals) for an additional charge.


Our signature marinated Premium All Natural Chicken, fire-grilled to perfection. (870-1160 cals)


Our signature marinated Certified Angus Beef® steak* fire-grilled to perfection. (1010-1300 cals)

Yucatan Barbeque Shrimp

Savory and juicy shrimp, grilled and perfectly basted with a unique, Mexican-style barbeque sauce. (990-1280 cals)


A medley of garden-fresh vegetables served with cilantro lime rice and black beans. (770-1060 cals)

Fajita Combos

Choose Premium All Natural Chicken, Certified Angus Beef® steak* or Yucatan Barbeque Shrimp. For One: Choose Two Flavors (870-1300 cals) | For Two: Choose Four Flavors (1740-2600 cals)

Fajita Trio

Premium All Natural Chicken, Certified Angus Beef® steak* and Yucatan Barbeque Shrimp. (1160-1440 cals)

Pechuga con Calabaza

Lightly sautéed Premium All Natural Chicken breast topped with a creamy blend of zucchini, chiles and corn. Served with charro beans and Mexican rice. (1040 cals)

Steak and Enchiladas

Fire-grilled 9 oz. Prime Sirloin steak* cooked to order and served with your choice of two enchiladas, Papas con Chile™ and charro beans. (1280-1580 cals)

Pork Tenderloin Abrigada

A plate of three slowly smoked and fire-grilled pork tenderloin medallions, wrapped in bacon. Served with Papas con Chile™, charro beans and your choice of two hand-rolled enchiladas. (1090-1390 cals)

The Ambassador

Fire-grilled 9 oz. Prime Sirloin Steak* paired with bacon-wrapped shrimp stuffed with a sliver of jalapeño that sits atop a roasted Anaheim pepper and chile con queso. Served with Papas con Chile and charro beans. (1130 cals)

Australian Sea Bass

Seasoned and fire-grilled. (540 cals)


Seasoned and lightly sautéed. (590 cals)

Tres Leches Cake

Famous Mexican traditional sweet vanilla cake with three creams. (760 cals)

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

Our signature creamy cheesecake whipped with Mexican caramel and served with leche quemada, a traditional sweetened milk sauce. (980 cals)

Traditional Flan

Chef Luis’ Abuela’s award-winning recipe of traditional Mexican egg custard. (540 cals)