Malibu’s Italian Restaurant of Surfside Beach

Welcome to Malibu of Surfside!  Many people ask “How does an Italian Restaurant in South Carolina end up with the name of a California beach? ”  Our story goes back to a small town outside of Naples called Boscoreale, and a baker named Antonio Cesarano.  Antonio was born into a family of bakers.  He began working in a bakery at the age of 13.   As he grew older he had a dream.  He would partner with his brother and open up an intermezzo, or coffee and pastry lounge.  To make his business unique, he decided to name it “Malibu” and decorate the interior in American  beach style.  With much hard work and effort, he ended up with 5 intermezzos in the Naples – Pompeii area, all named “Malibu”.