MALONE’S, Lexington – Tripadvisor Reviews

If I could give this, a 4.5 I would. Few things I rate a 5, but I would rate my main entree, “Peachy Pear Grilled Chicken” and our appetizer, the Shrimp Cocktail a five (5.). Words cannot describe the lusciousness of my dinner and I…would definitely get it again. I am not normally a big chicken or grits eater, but this plate sounded very good and it really was. The cheesy ? grits pared well with the peachy pear ? ? chipotle flavored sauce and the chicken was moist and tasted delectable with that sauce on it as well. My husband and I also enjoyed their bread and thought their herbed butter ? tasted very good. He ordered the sirloin with baked potato ? and said he would give it a strong 4 1/2. He said his steak was moist and flavorful and cooked perfectly. Additionally, it was not overwhelmed by a bunch of spices. He said his baked potato ? was wonderful and perfectly cooked just like the steak. He also really enjoyed their salad and thought their dressing tasted really good. He usually does not like Ranch Dressing, but he liked this one. I was not too crazy about the salad ? and would probably give it a three (3.). I’m not an iceberg lettuce lover and don’t really like my dressing mixed into my salad when given to me. I did like the red onions they gave me on the side, I think that added to me liking it better. We both were not too crazy about their sweet potatoes ? , actually we left more than half of them there. For us, they weren’t sweet enough and they were whipped and neither one of us really enjoyed those. Our waiter, PJ, was both personable and professional and that helped make it a positive dining experience for us.

We would both definitely go again as we had a VERY good dining experience there.