Manchester Country Club – a private country club with golf, tennis and events facility. | Manchester Country Club – VT


Here at Manchester, you are part of a growing community. One that builds bonds between each other through the enjoyment of playing golf and tennis outside in one of the most picturesque valleys in New England, tucked between the Taconic and Green Mountain ranges. Our house staff and committee also focuses on fun ways to bring us together through cocktail parties with live music, wonderful event dinners, brunches and lunches created by our Chef, and hosting of special events. Our staff’s mission is to take care of you, with personalized service, so you can just relax and enjoy time with fellow members in our natural environs. As a community, we also have a responsibility to care for and protect the natural habitat we play in and through. The club is well on its way to Audubon Certification and currently certified in Environmental Planning, Water Conservation, and Outreach and Education. Belonging here means making deeper connections between our members as well as the natural setting we enjoy so much.

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