Mandarin | Margaret Kuo's Restaurants

In China, Mandarin is synonymous with the finest. For that reason, Margaret Kuo selected it as the name for her second restaurant.

Dinner at the Mandarin is always a delightful experience. You will be enticed by an extensive selection of Daily Chef’s Specialties or you may want to try one of Margaret Kuo’s Favorites, which are featured in the menu. Whether you are enjoying Mandarin Chinese cooking for the first time or are an experienced epicurean, you will find food that is prepared to the highest standards with the finest ingredients.

The Mandarin

In the mid-19th century, European and American traders, diplomats, soldiers and tourists began traveling along the China coast. They Noticed an elite group in the Chinese empire which had its own distinctive dress, language and life style. The travelers referred to them as “Mandarin.” “Man” was short for “Manchus,” the rulers of China at the time. “Da-rin” literally means “Big-Shot” which was an honorary title for government officials. The Mandarin Class was renowned for its love of literature, art, philosophy and stylish living. The culinary arts were most highly regarded. Recipes were as treasured as today’s most sought after works of art. Margaret Kuo’s is committed to those same time honored standards of excellence.