Manufacturing industry – Vado

Why choose VADO as an investor?

From our practical background we understand the responsibility you have as a company for employees, suppliers and customers. Also, from our own history, we have a natural connection with the (manufacturing) industry and passion for entrepreneurship. Our people have experience in and knowledge of this sector and can easily identify with the typical opportunities and issues of a manufacturing company.

We offer companies the space and support to do business, by sparring with them, by thinking about their strategy, and with targeted investments in R&D or production resources. The expansion of a company through acquisitions also occurs regularly, for example, by implementing a buy & build strategy.

Working on long-term growth in the manufacturing industry

As an investor we apply a long-term strategy; we look at how a company can continue to grow healthily in the longer term. We do not go purely for short-term profits. Often investors use a time horizon of 5 to 7 years. At VADO it’s different. We, as a long term investor, have an open horizon. We prefer a long-term relationship, based on trust and mutual respect, and work together on solid sustainable growth.

Before a possible company acquisition, we take extensive time to get to know each other and to examine to what extent we fit together. To what extent do our vision and core values match? What are the ambitions of the DGA after the takeover? We take the next step only when both parties have a good feeling about the business transfer.

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