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Pets bring great joy into our lives. But when our pets get injured or ill, the bills for their medical care can take a bite out of our budget. That’s why more and more pet owners are investing in pet insurance to protect their furry friends (and their wallets) from unforeseen accidents or illnesses.

Two highly-rated companies that offer pet insurance are ManyPets and Healthy Paws. This ManyPets vs. Healthy Paws comparison will discuss what each company covers, which policies are more budget-friendly, and which company is best in specific situations.

In this comparison:

ManyPets vs. Healthy Paws: At a glance

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*Not available for everyone. Available terms depend on breed, location, and other factors.

Does ManyPets or Healthy Paws offer better coverage?

Note: Wellness plans are not currently available through ManyPets.

We reviewed a sample policy from both ManyPets and Healthy Paws to compare what was included and excluded under each company’s coverage. While both companies provide comprehensive accident and illness policies for dogs and cats, ManyPets stood out by offering an optional wellness plan, a shorter waiting period for hip dysplasia coverage, and coverage for exam fees.

You can use the following table as a side-by-side comparison to see what is and isn’t covered by each company.

ManyPetsHealthy PawsAccidentsYesYesAlternative therapyYesYesBehavioral issuesNoNoBoardingNoNoCancer treatmentYesYesChronic conditionsYesYesCongenital conditionsYesYes (limitations apply)Cosmetic proceduresNoNoDental injuryYesYesEmergency careYesYesEnd of life expensesYesYesExam feesYesNoExperimental treatmentNoNoHereditary conditionsYesYesIllnessesYesYesIV fluids and medicationsYesYesMicrochipping costsNoNoMRI, CT scans, and X-raysYesYesPre-existing conditionsOnly if curableNoPrescription foodNoNoPrescription medicationYesYesSurgery and hospitalizationYesYesTooth extractionYesNoWellness planYes, available as an add-onNo

Are policies from ManyPets or Healthy Paws more affordable?

Note: Wellness plans are not currently available through ManyPets.

We received several quotes through each company’s free online quote estimator to determine whether ManyPets or Healthy Paws offered more affordable policies. We used the same benefit limit, reimbursement rate, and deductible for each of the initial quotes. In every instance, ManyPets offered more budget-conscious coverage.

The difference in premium cost was between $0.81 and $24.94 per month, depending on the quote submitted. In three of the four quotes, ManyPets was the more affordable option. On average, a ManyPets policy was 25.33% less expensive than a Healthy Paws policy.

Here is a full breakdown of the different quotes we received and the monthly premium for each policy:

Quote one: Charlie, a one-year old Airedale Terrier in Texas

The policy details for this quote included unlimited payouts, an 80% reimbursement rate, and a $250 annual deductible.

PolicyManyPetsHealthy PawsAccident & illness$48.42$47.61Accident-onlyNot availableNot availableOptional wellness add-on$24.99Not available

Quote two: Abby, an eight-month old Golden Retriever in Arizona

The policy details for this quote included unlimited payouts, an 80% reimbursement rate, and a $500 annual deductible.

PolicyManyPetsHealthy PawsAccident & illness$29.12$54.06*Accident-onlyNot availableNot availableOptional wellness add-on$24.99Not available

*A note under the quote said that this policy may not be the best value and that we should consider other options.

Quote three: Mac, a three-year old Siamese in West Virginia

The policy details for this quote included unlimited payouts, an 90% reimbursement rate, and a $250 annual deductible.

PolicyManyPetsHealthy PawsAccident & illness$15.30$22.07Accident-onlyNot availableNot availableOptional wellness add-on$19.99Not available

Quote four: Paul, a five-year old Siberian in Pennsylvania

The policy details for this quote included unlimited payouts, an 80% reimbursement rate, and a $500 annual deductible.

PolicyManyPetsHealthy PawsAccident & illness$15.09$20.43Accident-onlyNot availableNot availableOptional wellness add-on$19.99Not available

If you are interested in getting a free quote for your cat or dog, you can do so in seconds by entering some information about your pet on ManyPet’s website or Healthy Paws’ website.

Scenarios in which ManyPets or Healthy Paws is better than the other

Now that we’ve reviewed the coverage and cost of each policy, we’ll go over some different scenarios in which ManyPets or Healthy Paws might be a better option for you and your pet. Consider these situations when deciding which policy to purchase, as subtle differences in coverage can make a big difference in your wallet.

If you want a 100% reimbursement: ManyPets

ManyPets is one of the only companies that offers a 100% reimbursement rate for some pets. The reason we say “some pets” is because only a few of the quotes we received included the option to choose this reimbursement level. In other quotes, this option was not available.

While ManyPets doesn’t disclose the requirements to be eligible for the 100% reimbursement rate, Healthy Paws doesn’t offer the option to any pets.

So, if you want to see if your pet can have 100% of eligible veterinary costs covered, then ManyPets is the choice for you.

If you want exam fees to be covered: ManyPets

One might think that exam fees would be covered under all pet health insurance policies since exams are a crucial part of diagnosing illness and maintaining health. However, that is not the case.

Between ManyPets and Healthy Paws, ManyPets is the only one of the two companies that covers exam fees for accidents and illnesses covered under its plans. ManyPets also covers a portion of the cost of routine preventative care if you purchase an optional wellness plan.

If you want to be reimbursed for preventative care: ManyPets

Note: Wellness plans are not currently available through ManyPets.

All pet insurance policies provide coverage in the event of accidents and illnesses. However, this coverage doesn’t include items such as routine vaccinations, annual veterinary check-ups, flea and tick treatment, and other routine care that prevents your furry friend from illness. To be covered for preventative care, you need to include a wellness add-on with your policy.

If you want to be reimbursed for costs associated with preventative care, then ManyPets is your choice. ManyPets offers an optional wellness plan that reimburses $150 annually for each of the following categories:

  • Routine exams & vaccinations
  • Preventative medications & heartworm tests
  • Dental cleanings
  • Holistic care

Healthy Paws does not offer coverage for preventative care.

If you want a fast claims process: Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws prides itself on its easy claims process and speedy claim payouts. According to Healthy Paws’ website, 99% of claims are processed within two days.

The claims process is straightforward since the company does everything electronically. You can submit a claim online or through the Healthy Paws Mobile App. All you need to do is take a picture of your bill and upload it online.

You can also visit the Healthy Paws Customer Center to see the status of your claim in real-time, manage your policy, or update your billing information.

If you want quicker coverage for hip dysplasia: ManyPets

ManyPets and Healthy Paws both cover hip dysplasia as long as pets are enrolled before age six. While both companies have a 15-day waiting period (the time from when you purchase the policy until you are reimbursed for healthcare bills) for accidents and illnesses, Healthy Paws is the only one with an additional waiting period of 12 months for hip dysplasia.

While some breeds are more prone to hip dysplasia than others, all breeds are susceptible. We don’t want pet owners to wait a year before knowing they are covered for this disease. For this reason, ManyPets is the better option.

If your pet has a pre-existing condition: ManyPets

In the past, it was pretty straightforward how pet insurance companies would handle pre-existing conditions. If your pet suffered an injury or illness prior to being enrolled, the company wouldn’t cover veterinary bills associated with this condition in the future.

Luckily for some pet owners, that stance has lightened in recent years. Now, more and more pet insurance companies are willing to cover pre-existing conditions that they deem curable.

ManyPets covers pre-existing conditions if certain terms are met. For example, if your Boxer had cancer three years ago and was successfully treated, ManyPets may cover the cost of cancer treatment for him in the future as long as he has been symptom-free and treatment-free for 18 months.

Since Healthy Paws doesn’t cover any form of pre-existing conditions, ManyPets is our choice for those with a pet who has a pre-existing condition.

If you want a $0 deductible: ManyPets

The policy terms are an important part of any insurance policy. Both of these companies allow you to adjust specific terms, such as the deductible and reimbursement percentage, to meet your needs. However, only ManyPets gives its policyholders the option of a $0 deductible.

It’s worth noting, only some of the quotes we received included the option to choose a $0 deductible. So, it seems that certain pets are eligible, while others are not. Still, ManyPets is one of the only companies to offer this option.

Keep in mind that your monthly premium will be higher if you opt for no deductible. However, for some people, one less monthly bill is additional peace of mind.

Which company is our choice between ManyPets and Healthy Paws?

Our research led us to choose ManyPets as the better option between these two companies. In a comparison of 16 leading pet insurance providers, we scored ManyPets with a 4.9 out of 5, while Healthy Paws received a 4.2 out of 5.

ManyPets was scored higher than Healthy Paws because it offered more comprehensive coverage, more affordable policies, and offered more customizability of terms.

One key feature of ManyPets that helped it stand out was the option to choose a $0 deductible and a 100% reimbursement rate for some pets.

If you’re ready to get a free quote from ManyPets, fill out its online quote tool in just a few seconds.

Note: ManyPets isn’t available in Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, or Vermont.