Marche Artisan Foods | Nashville, Tennessee

Your help is greatly needed. When the tornado hit Nashville on March 2nd, we turned down the offer from local fundraisers to help support our staff throughout that period and chose to pay them ourselves. We had a block party and fed the neighborhood and then donated the money we raised there to others who lost their jobs, businesses, and homes. With COVID-19 now putting us on the verge of shutting down, the employees of Marché and Margot desperately need your help.

There ARE NOT enough hours for even 1/4 of our staff to make a living at this time. We know how loved we are by this community and have felt it always, but especially over the last few weeks. PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO THE GOFUND PAGE FOR OUR EMPLOYEES. You could very well be keeping someone’s lights on. Thank you so so much for providing hope for our community.