Marché Moderne – Newport Beach – a MICHELIN Guide Restaurant

Look for the off-center signature “M” to mark this spot. Here, Chefs/owners Florent and Amelia Marneau are back to delivering their signature French cuisine, with an eye on the contemporary palate of their southern Californian clientele. This is a stunning, elegant and sumptuous establishment that feels and tastes familiar yet original. The cooking follows suit from the glassed-in kitchen with soft globe lighting to the fire engine-red Berkel that’s ready to slice their superb charcuterie.

Fans of this kitchen may recognize some of its signature dishes, including Amelia’s chopped salad, featuring a touch of kale, julienned Little Gem, French feta, cucumber and celery. Luscious caviar with lacy crêpes, chives and sour cream is another menu standby.