Marija Tiurina – Art Snacks – a new juicy set for NeonMob

A brand new and fresh art set I created exclusively for



I have a soft spot for food. And cats. So I thought: why not blending the two together! 

I have already had a couple of ideas in my head when NeonMob literally gave me the reason to bring them to life by creating a full-color high-res digitally painted set. Good times.

I wanted these simple ideas to turn into something juicy and shiny, while also making them look a little plastic so that no one would actually want to eat them. Would you eat a cute cupcake cat? A hotdog puppy? I don’t think you would – unless you’re some sort of a monster.

I am only posting a half of the collection – a full set of 20 colourful digitally painted art snacks is available


, so go and check the whole thing out after you’re done scrolling ^_^