Marshfield Country Club Tee Times – Marshfield WI

Holes 18
Par 70
Length 6007 yards

Slope 115
Rating 68.0

The first golf shot ever struck in Marshfield was done so on July 4th, 1923 right here at Marshfield Country Club (MCC). The course has seen many changes over the years, including opening to the public in 1965, and a new nine holes in 1974, but the charm and challenge of Marshfield Country Club has remained constant. To ensure that MCC keeps it’s classic style and charm, we deliberately maintain the course at a level consistent with that of the finest facilities of the 1920’s. That means excellent greens, good tees, and fairways that vary in their color and firmness dependent on mother nature’s irrigation system. When you are at Marshfield Country Club you will experience golf as it was meant to be played by those who brought it to this country over 100 years ago. Long known for having greens that putt as true and smooth as any you will find, Marshfield Country Club is also noted for having greens that are as challenging as any you will find. Our “Great 8 Green Gauntlet” will have even the best players shaking and sweating over chips and putts, yet beginners seem to do just fine. Marshfield Country Club plays 6042 yards at par 70 from the blue tees at it’s longest, and 5139 yards from the red tees at it’s shortest. With today’s modern equipment forcing golf courses to be designed to play at 7200 yards or more, you would expect Marshfield Country Club to be a “pushover”, not so. In fact, our course record is only 64, six under for 18 holes. Not too long for beginners, not too easy for the big hitters, Marshfield Country Club is the perfect blend of length and challenge for all players. The clubhouse was built in the “roaring 20’s”. If you close your eyes when seated in front of the huge fireplace, you can almost hear the footsteps on the spike-scarred hardwood floors of the thousands who have enjoyed discussing their many great shots over a beverage at MCC. Knickers and bloomers, hickory shafts, “Black Diamond” and “Blue Bird” golf balls have been here before you, carefully laying the traditions and history of golf in Marshfield. Our 64 place outdoor pavilion and high output grill have replaced the Adirondack chairs and brick charcoal pit on the front veranda, but the eighty foot tall white pines and white oaks still peacefully provide their service of shade to our guests as they have for over eighty years. With the rich history that Marshfield Country Club enjoys, one could expect it to be a bit stodgy. Not so. Those who started the club in 1922 were fun-loving innovators and risk takers, leaders of the community. This spirit of fun-loving innovation lives on at Marshfield Country Club. Our group outing customers can take advantage of our cutting edge technology like computerized scorekeeping, on-line tournament management and promotion, on-site full-color printing and graphic design, email communications , wireless internet access and more. Helping you have fun is the reason we exist, and providing the right tools, the right atmosphere, and the right facility for your fun is our only focus. Combining the past with the future, history with innovation-all the while delivering excellent assistance and service- makes Marshfield Country Club a great choice for your next golf event.