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Karachi, Sindh


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*Seeing Red
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“Why is the hot and sour soup so red?”
“That’s the color it’s supposed to be.”
―Kamala Khan and Kareem

A.B.C. Chinese Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant located in Karachi, Pakistan. The restaurant also serves as an entrance to the Order of the Red Daggers’ hideout, with a passageway hidden in the kitchen.


“Very strong hideout game.”
“Well, usually tourists are not allowed.”
“But for a descendant of Aisha’s, I’m sure we can make an exception.”
―Kamala Khan, Red Dagger and Waleed

The A.B.C. Chinese Restaurant was used by the Order of the Red Daggers as a secret entrance for their hideout. Having discovered Kamala Khan’s presence in Karachi, Kareem brought her to the restaurant. They walked by regular patrons before Kareem picked up some food and went into the kitchen, where he activated a secret mechanism. A whole panel of the kitchen’s wall was then moved aside, allowing them to enter the hideout, much to Khan’s amazement. Kareem and Khan later ate the restaurant’s food the latter had taken earlier, with Khan wondering about its colour.

Later, as the hideout was attacked by the Clandestines, Kareem, Khan and Waleed all fled through the restaurant, even though the patrons seemed rather unaffected by their behaviour.[1]

Days later, Kareem welcomed Kamran into the restaurant after agreeing to help Khan smuggle him out of the United States of America to protect him from Damage Control.[2]