Mason Jar Snacks

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Mason Jar Snacks


Whether it’s while surfing Pinterest, on the go, or out of boredom, snacking is the easiest way for us to get our grubby hands on food. And truth be told we usually choose our snacks according to convenience – or laziness. 


With this reality in mind – plus the rising numbers on the scale – I have started taking a greater effort towards healthier snacking. And since “convenience” usually wins the day, I prepare my midnight munchies way in advance.


By having all of your healthy snacks in reachable, easy to eat form, I have found that I am more likely to grab a handful of crispy carrots or crunchy grapes rather than a bag of chips.


The trick is to have your favorite fruits & vegetables stored safety in mason jars after being pre-washed & cut for easy snacking. I have found that the best way to do this is to immediately clean my goodies as soon as I get home from the store – although that doesn’t always happen…


Not only are mason jars a great way to easily see what you are searching for, but they are absolutely adorable when filled with fruit!


By keeping my junk food out of reach, while putting all of my fruits and veggies in mason jars near the front of my fridge, snacking healthy has become a whole lot easier! 



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