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MA McKissock CE PLUS Membership

Buyer Agency – RE02R06

This course uses the easy-to-remember B.U.Y.E.R. A.G.E.N.T. acronym to help the student recall, understand, and make informed use of key concepts in their professional relationships. Subjects covered include distinctions between types of agency, disclosure obligations, risk management, types and methods of compensation, exclusivity, and others.

Contract Law – RE05RC12

In this course, we will take a look at general contract requirements before moving on to specific contract forms used in the state of Massachusetts. The course will end with a couple of interesting court cases involving real estate contract law.

Fair Housing – RE19RC12

Discrimination can be subtle or overt and sometimes unintentional. It is crucial that real estate licensees are aware of the laws that govern housing discrimination. 

In this course, we will begin with an overview of the state and federal fair housing laws that got us to where we are today. We will then spend some time on specific, common actions that cause real estate agents to violate fair housing law. On common cause for violations is the listing. We will take a look at a few examples so that you can get in the habit of spotting fair housing violations. Finally, we will cover some best practices for both you as the agent and your office to follow.

Massachusetts Real Estate License Law and Regulations – RE08RC12

This course is intended to cover two hours of continuing education for the state of Massachusetts. In this course, we will take an in-depth look at the significant issues that Massachusetts real estate license law encompasses. We will begin with a review of licensing requirements and the laws that pertain to obtaining and maintaining a real estate license. We will then move on to a discussion on what the law says regarding the practice of real estate. The course concludes by highlighting disciplinary actions that can be brought against non-compliant licensees.

Residential Mortgage Loan Market and Credit Today – RE47R05

In this course, we will discuss the mortgage industry at a high level. The course will begin with the secondary and primary mortgage markets. We will then spend a considerable amount of time on credit and everything you and your client would need to know about it. The course concludes with information on the various loan products.

Seller Agency – RE01R06

This course begins with a discussion on how we determine our seller agency relationships. We will cover the different types of agency along with the requirements associated with obtaining consent and providing notice. We will then move on to the various disclosure requirements that a Massachusetts seller agent will need to understand before discussing how it all needs documented. We will wrap the course up with a refresher of the fiduciary duties that you owe your client.

NAR: May the Code Be With You

This continuing education course addresses the specifics of the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics and ethical practices and decision-making for real estate professionals. Additionally, this course may potentially be approvable for REALTORS® who wish to fulfill Code of Ethics requirement from the National Association of REALTORS®. Check with your local REALTORS® association.

12-Hour Renewal Package (includes optional NAR COE course not for CE credit)

This package includes all your required CE hours plus an optional Ethics course titled, NAR: May the Code Be With You. 
NAR: May the Code Be With You meets the REALTORS® Code of Ethics Training Requirement and will be accepted by associations within RI, MA and CT, per NAR policy. McKissock is partnered with Rhode Island Association of Realtors (RI). No MA CE credit will be awarded for this course.

12-Hour Renewal Package (includes optional NAR COE course not for CE credit)