Max’s Restaurant – Albany Park – Chicago – The Infatuation


Max’s is a Filipino spot in Albany Park that’s part of an extremely popular sit-down chain restaurant with over 200 locations in the Philippines. And though they have many classic Filipino dishes, their nickname “The House That Fried Chicken Built” (which might raise a few questions about architectural logistics) tells you what the main draw is. In fact, since this is the only midwestern location of Max’s, fans from surrounding states claim that it’s “Nine-Hour-Long-Drive-Worth-It.” Using the same brining process since 1945, the fried chicken has a subtle salt and pepper flavor. And despite not having any batter, an incredibly crunchy skin. Their dining room has plenty of space for small groups and large parties, but also works for a solo meal if you want to avoid your grocery trip to Seafood City turning into a shopping binge motivated by an empty stomach.