Mazi restaurant Syros Hermoupolis

Nestled in a scenic cobblestone alleyway bordering the Miaoulis Square, the cultural hub of Syros, an enchanting garden is turned into the fine dining restaurant MAZI. Old stone arches, remnants of a glorious past, are covered by climbing plants in an overgrown secluded garden in the heart of Hermoupolis. Bougainvillea trees in full bloom act as a spectacular roof. Here, spurred on by the aura of the Cyclades islands, we bring together the Greek culinary philosophy and different cooking cultures around the world to present our own creative cuisine. We are always interested in the concept of food and drink being linked. There is a special knack for a successful food and cocktail pairing which would enhance a dining experience. We believe in the matching of flavors and we created our wine list in order to take you on a trip to the most renowned Greek vineyards and world’s most celebrated wine regions.