McCloud Mountain Lodge Wedding & Event Venue menu in Duff, Tennessee, USA

I don’t know about about lodge, but as far as the restaurant goes the view is the only thing that’s special

As far as a restaurant goes, this is one of the worst and most disappointing experiences I’ve had in a long time. For a place that seemed so “exclusive” (and not cheap) I was expecting a 5-star experience. However, there were so many issues it would be easier to just list them in a numbered format:

1) The carpet around our table looked like it hadn’t been vacuumed in a week, and the tables did not look particularly clean either. Even my menu looked dirty. They were paper menus and mine had stains on it from whoever used it last.
2) There were two or three items that were on the menu on their website online that we tried to order and they didn’t make them anymore. Apparently they never never update their online menu to reflect what they actually have available.
3) Our waitress was nice, but there were numerous issues that came up that I just couldn’t believe was happening. For example even as she was bringing out our food we still did not have utensils or napkins and had to ask for them, and they weren’t nice cloth napkins like you get in a nice restaurant (or one that costs this much) they were just your basic napkins like you’d get at McDonald’s.
4. Probably the most unbelievable thing that happened was, four or five people (we had a part of 11) in our crew ordered the pulled pork nachos. Every single one came out with any pulled pork on them…at all. My brother finally asked after a little bit how the pork was and one of my cousins said they didn’t have any on it. We told the waitress who found out what happened and unbelievably, instead of telling a manager and offering them some money off of their bill or something, she brought out a plate of pulled pork so they could put it on their half-eaten, pulled pork-less, pulled-pork nachos..
which by then why bother?

The view truly is AMAZING, and that alone is worth the trip, just don’t expect a great dining experience on top of it.