Meiji menu in North Oxford, Massachusetts, USA

Food allergies beware!!!!!! We placed a large sushi to go order. One person in our group could not have anything with mayo. We ordered that person a tuna roll and Spider Maki. The menu states spider maki ? Soft-shell crab tempura, avocado, cucumber and topped with tobiko?. We live 20 min away. We got home and called the restaurant to tell them we did not receive the spider maki. They argued with us and told us we did. There were zero rolls on our tray that had cucumber and most rolls had mayo. They told us it was our fault that we didn?t tell them we didn?t want mayo on our spiked maki roll and we told them the description made no mention of mayo. We wanted a refund but they insisted we had to bring our tray back to them in order to get a refund of $10. Our total bill was $160 but yet they insisted it was our fault as they ?add mayo? to a lot of their rolls even though the menu doesn?t state. RED FLAG. We have ordered many times from here and the owner continued to yell at us on the phone it was our fault we didn?t tell them we didn?t wanted mayo. That?s like saying we want chicken nuggets but hold the shrimp. Ultimately the owner lost a customer over a $10 sushi roll.