Mélisse – Santa Monica – a MICHELIN Guide Restaurant

Chef Josiah Citrin's iconic dining room celebrates a certain kind of fine-dining experience that will never go out of style. Hidden within Citrin and kept out of sight by a door, the space reveals itself as a luxurious box that prioritizes comfort and class. Big flavors and rich, decadent sauces reflect Chef de Cuisine Ian Scaramuzza's blend of French traditions with a bit of contemporary whimsy. Hokkaido scallop carpaccio with scallop chicharron and black truffle gribiche, butter-poached halibut with seaweed beurre blanc, and uni cromesquis with kombu honey are just a few of the bold statements that punctuate this elaborate tasting.
The wine program is particularly ace, thanks to a charming, engaging team that offers surprising rarities at a reasonable expense.