Mentor Ave Family Restaurant menu in Painesville Township, Ohio, USA

just to be clear this is not the restaurant on SR615. this is on mentor avenue in Painesville, and the service was horrible. I understand that there is a shortage of workers but if you order beef tips and noodles you should get at ,least beef tips. When we told the waitress – 30 minutes later – she offered to get us meat but we just wanted at least the meal removed (14.99). Then she left and just did nothing about the bill. At the register we told them that we would pay for the salad but instead they charged us for the soup and salad bar @ $ 9.95. (per the managers guidance) which is a rip off.
We then went to chick Fil-A and got a meal because one of us had not eaten so a simple meal became a $50.00 expense. i will never go and eat there again an I suggest you heed our warning.