Menu | Black Cat Cafe

Specials’ examples:

There will always be daily sandwiches, soups, and salads.
Below are some examples of our specials, but – as we rotate and experiment – the specials below might not be available on the day you visit.

Sandwiches’ examples:

We love a good sandwich. There is nothing like a nice freshly-prepared vegan sandwich to curb your hunger on a busy day. Most of our sandwiches are made with sourdough ciabatta and are served with pickled onions.

  • NY bagel style cream cheese and lox: Miso umeboshi cream cheese, salt roasted beetroots and carrots, capers, nori, dill on a hoagie roll.
  • Black Cat deli sandwich: Olives, onions, light mustard, cheese, and our signature seitan turkey cold cuts.
  • Smokey tempeh sandwich: Slowly baked tempeh in homemade bbq sauce.
  • Chickpea tuna: Crushed chickpeas, lemon juice, red pepper, spring onion
  • Seitan steak: Grilled beefy seitan, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and chimichurri sauce
  • Corn crusted Chickun, pesto and melted cheese: Chicken style fillet with a blend of tofu and seitan, battered and coated with corn

Other specials’ examples:

  • Jerk tofu stew with steamed rice
  • Caribbean fishless stew with steamed rice and fried plantains
  • Golden coconut, mixed veg and tofu thai curry
  • Chicken pot pie
  • Blue corn crusted tofu, steamed greens, mole sauce
  • Lentil shepards pie
  • Sweet poato, mixed vegetable tagine
  • Chickpea patties, roasted red pepper sauce, steamed greens, pearl cous cous
  • Seitan steaks, mustard mash, steamed greens, house gravy
  • 5 spice tofu and beed mince stew, sesame rice, fried won ton pastry, Asian style slaw
  • Moussaka, red lentil mince, cheese sauce
  • Pasta bake
  • Burrito: seitan carnitas, black rice, tomatillo salsa


(example of the soups on rotation)

  • Butternut squash, sweet potato, and coconut
  • Roasted red pepper and tomato
  • heezy broccoli
  • Rustic minestrone: butter beans, potatoes, tomatoes and elbow macaroni
  • Leek and potato
  • Turkish style red lentil