Menu – Columbia Cafe – Spanish Restaurant in Downtown Tampa

The Original 1905 Salad


The award-winning salad won honors from the nation’s largest circulated newspaper, USA today as “one of 10 great places to make a meal out of a salad” on may 8th, 2008. the signature salad, named after the year the restaurant was founded in Tampa’s Latin district of ybor city, was created by using native ingredients from the homeland of immigrants to the cigar city and grown in the surrounding farm rich lands of Tampa. beefsteak tomatoes from Ruskin, iceberg lettuce (originally known as crisp head lettuce) got its name from the layer s of ice covering the heads of lettuce as they were shipped by henry b. plant’s train from as far away as maine. as the train pulled up, folks would yell out here comes the icebergs! also julienne of baked ham and swiss cheese both used in the cuban sandwiches, romano cheese from the Sicilians and the famous garlic dressing, a variation of the mojo used for the cuban roast pork. Worcester shire sauce was introduced in the 40’s by tony scagloine who had ventured to New York city in the 30’s during the depression working in some of the best restaurants of the time, adding the “secret ingredient” to the the columbia has been told they are the single largest independent user of lea and perrin’s, the world’s best worcestershire sauce. the original 1905 salad is too good to miss!