Menus for Bob Marley's – Orlando – SinglePlatform

Belly Full Entrees

Add a serving of warm coco bread to complete your meal for – $1.99

Manchester Lamb


Chargrilled marinated lamb sirloin skewers, served with spicy red bliss mashed potatoes brought together with zucchini, yellow squash and carrots, complimented by curry sauce

Sun Is Shining Curry Chicken


Boneless chicken breast strips marinated with jamaican curry sauce, grilled and served over a bed of rice and beans

Ital Eats Stuffed Peppers


Oven roasted sweet peppers over-stuffed with fresh vegetables, jamaican rice and zesty tomato sauce. Served with island greens and grilled vegetables

Natty Dread Vegetable Patties


Jamaican vegetable patties filled with carrots, onions, red beans, spinach and sweet potatoes, cooked in a coconut milk. Accompanied by our own smoky ketchup and yucca fries

Oxtail Oxtail Stew


Stewed oxtail served over rice and beans. Served with seasoned vegetables

Satisfy Your Soul Mango Wings


Sweet and spicy mango chicken wings chargrilled and tossed in a sauce of mango and apple cider vinegar. Served over a bed of rice and beans

Reggae Jamaican Jerk Chicken


Jerk marinated chicken basted in authentic jamaican seasonings then char grilled. Served with creamy cucumber dipping sauce, smoky ketchup and yucca fries

Belly Full Beef Patties


Jamaican beef pastries filled with ground beef, fresh thyme, turmeric and jerk spice with our own smoky ketchup and yucca fries

Catch a Fire Chicken Sandwich


Jerk marinated chicken breast basted in authentic jamaican seasonings and chargrilled. Served on coco bread with creamy cucumber sauce and yucca fries