Mercury Insurance Reviews: Prices And Coverage (2022)

Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating: B-
BBB complaints in last three years: 149
Trustpilot rating: 2.6 out of 5.0

Mercury Insurance reviews aren’t exactly leading the industry, as seen by the company’s ranking as the second-worst midsize provider in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study℠. Mercury Insurance also holds a lowly 1.3-star rating from reviewers on the BBB, though customers harshly rank many insurance providers.

According to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Mercury Insurance received 2.9 times the average number of complaints across the industry in 2020. In other words, Mercury customers tend to file an above-average number of complaints against the company.

The positive and negative Mercury Insurance reviews talk of dramatically different experiences during the same processes. This hints that Mercury Insurance service standards may vary widely depending on the location.

Positive Mercury Insurance Reviews

Excellent Mercury Insurance reviews often speak of the provider’s quality service and sometimes tell stories of complete claims satisfaction.

“I had a claim and the adjuster we had was professional and knew what he was talking about. We have been with Mercury almost 10 years and had no problems. Mercury Insurance is a good company.”

– Anna via BBB

“I have to give credit to Mercury Insurance for giving us excellent service. They always treated us fairly, and customer service is superb. There’s no hassle and headaches.”

– Victoria via Trustpilot

Mercury Insurance Complaints

Plenty of Mercury Insurance reviews can be found that complain about dealings with the company. Many drivers mention nonexistent customer service along with a tedious and largely frustrating insurance claims process.

“Worst possible customer service you could ask for. I’ve been dealing with an existing claim from an auto accident for over a month now with little to no contact from my adjuster. Tried calling multiple times during her office hours and was sent straight to voicemail.”

– Robert via BBB

“They are the cheapest around for a reason. They don’t care about their customers at all. Their customer representatives will leave you on hold for over an hour. It’s worth paying a little more not to work with this company. It will save you time and frustration.”

– Sepehr via BBB