Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant

Meskerem Specialty

At Meskerem We Served Food the Traditional Way:
affordable Prices and Generous Portions. to Continue with This Tradition, We Would Like Our Patrons to Order An Entree Per Perso

Meskerem Messob

a dazzling array of beef, chicken, and lamb with vegetarian dishes, arranged on our large serving tray

  • One Person:


  • Two People


  • Three Or More People:

    (per person)


Meskerem Tibbs


tender chopped lamb sauteed to perfection wit oinion, green chilli, seasoned butter and herbs



freshly minced, very lean beef mixed with mitmita and butter, kitfo, a specialty of the gurage people of central ethiopia, is served raw, like steak tartar, or lebleb (very rare). the butter has a special herb (koseret) that gives kitfo its flavor

Gored Gored

morsels of choice lean beef dipped in "awaze", a traditional sauce of milled pepper thickened with honey wine, butter and spices. gored gored is served raw or very rare.