Metropolitan Golf Links – Oakland, CA

*June 25, 2022 update: Masks are no longer required indoors, but are recommended. The Sweet Spot Cafe’s indoor dining seating is open – patio seating is also available! There is no vaccination requirement for indoor dining any longer. The golf shop remains open indoors. All four sizes are available for range ball baskets. Bunker rakes, ball washers, and benches have returned to the course along with the ability to remove flagsticks. Please bring your own water bottles as water coolers are not currently available on the course. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!




*December 5, 2020 Update: The golf course will remain open for outdoor recreation. All golfers must adhere to social distancing guidelines and wear masks when within 30 feet of others per the Alameda County Health Order. Masks are recommended to be worn from the moment you leave your car until you are off the first tee and distanced from others. Masks are required when in and around the clubhouse and cart return area. If other guests are on the driving range, masks should be worn. Golfers may not gather at tees, greens, in the parking lot, or around the clubhouse. Thank you for helping to keep golf courses a safer outdoor activity!


Thank you for the email. I will be away from my computer from 3PM-3:30PM.

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