Mexican Rice Restaurant Style Recipe –

These things are all pretty subjective, but I would agree with those who made this recipe and found it to be the best. There are some pretty awful ones online, including one I found that was loaded with cheese! AAAGH! Like rothill’s and drkpriestess’s reviews, this is now my go-to recipe for exceptional Mexican rice, and I make it about every 4-6 weeks. My wife loves it as well. My only tweak is to use fresh green chiles, and I use four teaspoons of garlic (for my tastes), but that isn’t necessary. It tastes just fine with canned chiles and 2 tsp of garlic. If it turns out to be too wet for your tastes, you might want to bake it a little longer than directed here. 🙂 Thanks for your contribution, Wheres_the_beef.