MGM Roast Beef : Catering Company in Washington DC

MGM Roast Beef was founded on the belief that good food comes in all forms. The idea was simple – by using the freshest high-quality ingredients, we would make the most flavorful and delicious sandwiches in D.C. Which is exactly what we’ve been doing since opening in 2008. What sets MGM Roast Beef apart from the rest are the juicy slow-roasted hand carved meats, freshly baked breads, delicious sauces and toppings, as well as our true love for food and dedication to customer satisfaction. Let the food speak for itself – THE BEST SANDWICHES IN WASHINGTON, D.C. Period.

Located at the rear of Capital Auto Auction, across the street from the Brentwood Post Office, and two blocks north of Union Market, MGM Roast Beef has become a neighborhood gem, that “provides relief from Brentwood’s dreary chains”.

The restaurant was originally built in 1950’s American Diner style, with customers sitting behind the counter. A new dining room has since been added to accommodate the growing number of residents and workers in the reviving Brentwood area.

Walk in our doors and you will be mesmerized by multiple glistening slabs of juicy, daily house-roasted meats: top round, beef brisket, bone-in ham, and turkey (white and dark meat). Watch as your sandwich is freshly carved from your choice meat(s), stacked on a fresh baked roll, and flavored with mouth-watering condiments and toppings.

Sandwich options range from our usual selection of Top Round, Brisket, Turkey (white and dark meat), Ham, Tuna Salad, and Chicken Salad, to a variety of our customers’ favorite signature sandwiches. No matter what sandwich you choose, the delicious combination of fresh quality ingredients will delight the most delicate palate.

Aside from sandwiches, we serve fresh hand cut french fries, coleslaw, homemade soups, and (of course) desserts. For those who prefer a lighter lunch, but do not want to compromise on taste or quality, we offer our selection of salads with choices of different toppings, veggies, cheeses, and meats.

Join us for breakfast and choose from our hearty portions of delicious pancakes, french toast, waffles, eggs, meats, grits, home fries, and oatmeal… you name it! Get a cup of coffee, take a newspaper, or join a casual conversation between owners and regulars. You will be surprised how nicely your day will begin.

If you have never visited us before and are not sure if it’s worth the ride, we encourage you to check out our reviews online and in press. “Incredibly friendly service”, “meat is to die for”, “best sandwich in D.C.” – these are just some of the quotes from our valued customers. Try us out and see for yourself, next time you want a great sandwich picture yourself at MGM Roast Beef.