Mi Ranchito Restaurant in Owensboro, KY. | Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant

I’m Mexican so I grew up eating Mexican food as well as American food. Growing up my mother would teach me how to cook traditional Mexican dishes. Some were very difficult and time consuming, others were really easy and fast. The most simple and easy Mexican dishes I know are quesadillas, flautas, and chorizo con huevo. Quesadillas being the simplest. You only need tortillas and cheese for this. Flautas are essentially fried tacos, in some places they are called tacos dorados, and or taquitos. This is essentially a rolled up tortilla with whatever you like inside, my favorite was always tacos dorados de queso(with cheese inside). Chorizo con huevo is just chorizo, which is a pork sausage, cut up and mixed with egg. This tastes especially good with rice and tortillas.