Micro Loans | Camino Financial Microlending Program

The loan terms and figures shown in calculation results are example figures and subject to final lender approval.

Our microloan rates

Online microloan monthly repayment rates range between 2.4% to 4.75%. Choose to repay the loan in 24 to 36 months with a monthly payment amount that fits your budget.

How do microloans work?

Small business owners get quick access to minimal amounts of money. Camino Financial’s microloan program is the perfect short-term financial solution. Borrowers make term payments, including the principal plus interest and lender fees.

How do I qualify for a microloan?

If you’ve been in business for 9+ months, generate $30,000 in annual income and have a current bank trương mục, you’re eligible. Click on the microloan application and submit your information to see if you pre-qualify.