Microblading Academy – Microblading & Permanent Makeup Courses

 choosing the right microblading school/class can be hard as it is, so here are reasons I’d choose AMA over anywhere else— some things I’d wish I’d read about AMA that would’ve made me sign up even faster!

Triple C. convenience, curriculum, care.
Ms. Lily Thien of AMA holds these classes in recurring cities frequently.. every one to two months. the classes are 9-5PM for 3 days. so many different topics are covered so easily and thoroughly, from blading to color theory to technique & Lily really checks on you to make sure you’re on the same page. the curriculum is clear and you get guidance for any questions or needs you may have. on top of that, when you sign up for the class you get A LIFETIME PASS TO AMA CLASSES. all caps because did you hear that?! who else does that? so basically you can go to her next available class (or any class, even years later) after the one you took, drop in, and get more education and training! now that’s unheard and a BIG plus!!!

I’ve done my research on different academies and Lily really set us up sooooo well. no other place teaches those strokes *that* in depth, they just teach more basic strokes bc it’s easier. she really pushes you by handing you not 1 but 3 advance blading patterns and guides you thru it all. I truly felt like not getting the easy way in the door for microblading was that push I needed to make my artistry stand out and that’s what I feel Lily does to all her students. we stand out as the best in the game because we were taught by the best in the game.

so if you’re looking for a sign or skeptical about signing up, what are you waiting for? this is your sign!