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The IT Skills Taught in Microsoft Training

Microsoft is one of the most recognizable names in the IT industry, with Microsoft Windows being the ubiquitous operating system for PCs, but the company also has a decent market share in the enterprise server space. On top of its operating system, Microsoft has steadily added to its portfolio of popular products, including SQL Server for database, Exchange Server for email and Power BI for data analytics. But Microsoft has also gained quite a market share in the cloud market with Microsoft Azure and its software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, Office 365. To round out its software catalog, Microsoft offers a very broad set of ERP/CRM capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics.

To complement these products, Microsoft has developed a very mature training and certification program. There are hundreds of Microsoft Certified Training Partners worldwide, but many tend to focus more on a narrow band of end-user training, like Microsoft Office. As both a leader in technical training in North America and a Microsoft Gold Certified Training Partner, ExitCertified is well positioned to provide all kinds of Microsoft training with consistently high quality; Tech Data was awarded the 2021 Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year in the Indirect Provider of the year category. In particular, ExitCertified’s deeply technical classes on Microsoft Azure, 365, and Security are led by experts in those fields.