Ming Yuan Restaurant menu in Daly City, California, USA

My wife’s family had been going to this restaurant when it was still King Wah. The food was good at a reasonable price. Since the restaurant was (presumably) sold and remodeled, it is well lit, clean, and a bit upscale. We had dinner for 7 people with the following dishes: soup, soy sauce chicken, sweet and sour pork, pea sprouts, single beef rib with the meat pre-sliced and laid on top (unique and delicious!), lobster, shrimp with walnuts, and four bowls of rice. There was tea and a dessert of sweet red bean soup. The food was good but not outstanding (except the prime rib?). Total with tip and tax was $275.00 ($39+ per person)The food was good but in my opinion, overpriced. We also had dim sum for 9 people on another occasion with usual selections but plenty of leftovers for $400.00. That’s the most expensive I’ve had for dim sum. Overall, good for special get togethers but not everyday fare.