Mini Golf in Pigeon Forge, TN & Escape Games – Crave Golf Club

Domeneque G

We did the outside first, which is the more difficult. The greens were super nice and the place was clean. It had awesome outside features/decorations and I really liked the different “lands/themes”. The spinners were q nice touch for the folks that like an extra challenge.

The inside course was definitely cooler, temperature wise. The features were just as good as the outside course and the spinners were fun for each hole. It was also very clean and well maintained.

Highlights for us were the very clean course, the excellent greens (which are also extremely fast!!), the various candy themes, and the difficulty of the courses. There are lots of subtle touches that make the course more challenging than others. For the connoisseur, these little touches make the course. Small bumps, hardly noticeable, midcourse make your ball kick unexpectedly. We’re definitely looking forward to coming back.