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In the Minico family, one of our oldest traditions, is gettin everyone together for family dinner. Now this doesn’t happen in every family, but with ours, it did. When Sam and Julie started out 20+ years ago, that was the goal. To bring other families together and create their own family dinner tradition, without all the extra stress of cooking and cleaning. We quickly grew, but as we did, Sam and Julie couldn’t keep up with it anymore. So, Sam called up his friend, Joey Vittorio, a man who’d admired What Sam had created, told him he was wanting to sell. Joey hopped on in, with his partner, Todd Sanders, and learned our ways. They couldn’t, nor would they have wanted to, change anything. They kept the recipes, kept the staff, and kept the tradition alive.
We’ve loved spending birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, dances, sports games, heck, even weddings, with all of the great people in our community. We’ve loved seeing your families weekly. We’ve loved helping your families to have a great mom and pop shop experience. We feel like your family, and we hope you feel the same!
So, go ahead, get the kids, call your Mama, text your brother, and bring the family on in to Minico’s, where the laughs are free and the love is real. Start your family night tradition with us!!