Mon Cheri Venue | Reception Venues

Event: What I love about this place is they told you that they will customize your event to however you want and they will help you put it together. We asked for a small ceremony, then follow by reception and Vivian (the event organizer from…

the restaurant) organized a lovely ceremony for us on the stage.


During the our food tasting, we found the food can be better. ie: the sea cucumber was cut way too big, the lobster had too much batter on it and way too greasy, and there were a lot of MSG added in the food. After the tasting, we communicated all these issues with the chef and Vivian; they promised they will modified the food to more to our taste and they DID! EVERYONE LOVED THE FOOD, no one complained about a single dish. I just loved it when Vivian told me "No wedding is the same here, we will cater to your taste". After all these modification, their food transformed from "Just okay" to AWESOME from our friends who also went through the tasting with us. This is one of the big plus, because I know no many restaurants are willing to change their style of cooking.

watch out for the menu item, it is not what it said it would be.

two items on the menu did not came out with the the ingredients they said will be in there:

Shark Fin, Fresh Crabmeat with Asparagus Soup – There is no asparagus in the soup

Shrimp, Scallops, and Walnuts in Special Sauce – Scallops? Where? I tried it twice there and I am unable to find any scallops, just a lot of shrimp

The Peking Duck is to die for. Both my husband and I were glad that we got to tried it again on our wedding day. ( we were both worry we are not going to taste it again) 😀


They already have some pretty decorations in the place, but in order to make it even better, we added some of our own. They allow you to change it up to however you like. They even let you add stuff to the decorations they have.

Bridal room:

The changing room is huge and secured compared to all the other venues I checked.


One thing we are looking for when deciding which venues to go with is if they allow you to bring in your own alcohol and you can with mon cheri.. It had made our guests happy and saved us some money.

However, I am not sure it is because we brought in our own wine or they just don't offer this…the sever did not go around each table to offer wine to our guests, so my guests had to walked their wine glass to the bar area to get their own wine and all the other weddings I had been to always had a server pour wine for us.


I would suggest to them to split the plates for the rectangular head table or have a server standing by just to serve the food for the head table. None of my guest of honor can reached their food, because this was not the traditional round table with lazy Susan on it. Everyone had to get up and walked around the table with their plate in order to get the food. The server didn't really put food on the plate until asked. Then they put rest of food so far away that no one else can reached them unless they get up and walk to it.

I am specially unhappy with the security guard after our reception is over. We had a luncheon at Mon Cheri and we were aware that we have to clear out by 3:15. However, according to my guests the security guard kept rushing them out when it was only 2:30! I think it is EXTREMELY RUDE of them to do.