Mortgage Loans

Fixed-rate Mortgage Loans

A fixed rate loan means your principal and interest payment stays the same
since the interest rate doesn’t fluctuate over the term of the loan.

We offer loans for homes located in most states.

SPIRE offers competitive interest rates.

1% Down Payment Option

For qualified borrowers, SPIRE offers a unique 1% down payment option for fixed-rate loans.
You’ll also enjoy lower monthly mortgage insurance.
The home must be owner-occupied and there are no income restrictions.

Home Ready Program

The Home Ready loan program assists borrowers with
low to moderate incomes to purchase a home.
A 3% down payment is required, but flexible down payment sources are offered.
There is no upfront mortgage insurance cost and your monthly insurance payments are lower.

FHA Loan Program

Federal Housing Association (FHA) program offers a low down payment option.
Borrowers with limited credit history allowed are allowed.
FHA loans are serviced by our partner, Servion

VA Loans

Available to Veterans and their spouses, the VA loan program offer no down payment or mortgage insurance requirements.
VA loans are serviced by our partner, Servion