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Man: [Taking a video with his phone] And go.

Woman: [Laughing and turning on the faucet] What do you think?

Man: It’s good.

Woman: You didn’t feel rushed?

[Sees daughter taking waffle out of toaster, proceeds to also pull out her phone] Hold on one second, let’s get a shot of your first waffle in the new house.

[Daughter rolls her eyes, proceeds to put waffle back in toaster as parents look on and film]

[Voice over with music] The first time we did anything in our new home was special, and it all began with finding a mortgage partner who understood what a new home meant for us.

First, we created an online tài khoản in a few quick steps. We personalized all of our information, added details about the property and were able to log in at any time to check the status of our application.

From there, we selected a First Citizens mortgage expert to help sort through the details and find the best financing for our situation.

If we ever need to relocate or downsize, we know they’ll be there for that too. And that means spending less time feeling stressed over financing and more time building memories with loved ones.

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