Mosaic Tapas Bistro & Wine Bar

What is Mosaic?

Located in a renovated millhouse, Mosaic Tapas Bistro & Wine Bar offers a culinary experience that is quintessentially Carrboro. We believe in food that embodies our community’s values: creativity, harmony, and sustainability through simplicity.

The concept of Mosaic—in art and in our cuisine—is that diverse and distinct pieces come together to form a new, beautiful whole. These pieces retain their natural character and beauty, but they work with one another to become something more: something that tells a story. At Mosaic, a world of culinary traditions joins ingredients from down the street and flavors from across the globe to tell the story of an international community right here in Carrboro—a story we’re excited to share with you.

Like our menu, our team is a mosaic of people with different skills, stories, and backgrounds. We’re veteran- and immigrant-owned, we’re LGBTQ-run, and we strive every day to create a welcoming, harmonious, and safe space for everyone who comes through our doors—staff and guests alike!