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About Us

In Chatsworth, Mother India delivers the highest-quality
cuisine. Traditional and innovative cuisine is prepared by our trained culinary

In Chatsworth, Mother India is the best Indian restaurant.
Our strength is our ability to adapt to new trends. The aroma of freshness will
make you crave more meals. We maintain a proper level of cleanliness. Our team
is dedicated and persistent. We place our faith in customer loyalty.

Mother India is the only Indian restaurant in Chatsworth
that serves the best Indian food. Our traditional recipes’ fresh herbs and
vegetables will make you want to eat more. If you dig your fingers into Indian
food, your body will crave more. Our Mother India restaurant is well-grown in
Chatsworth and our best Indian dishes are prepared by our mastermind chefs. We
used different Indian species, this species gives an aromatic effect to our
dishes.  Both the taste and the
presentation are important to us. We have been serving Chatsworth for a long