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Japanese pickles.



Salmon, avocado & cucumber.



Shrimp, cucumber, lettuce.



Salmon, tuna, crab meat, cucumber, tempura crunch.



Spicy mayo crabmeat & asparagus, crunch inside topped w.avocado crunch eel sauce,spicy mayo ,tobiko



Assorted raw fresh fish, crab stick & avocado wrapped sliced cucumber w. special sauce.



Deep fried Lobster tempura,avocado,cucumber spicy mayo & eel sauce.



Combination of fresh over California Roll.



Assorted fresh fish & crab stick avocado wrapped w. tobiko.



Crabmeat, cucumber,avocado topped w.eel,eelsauce,tobiko



Spicy salmon ,crunch inside,topped w. shrimp and avocado



fluke,salmon,yellowtail,crabmeat,white tuna inside deep fried, topped w.eel sauce,spicy mayo,tokiko



crab stick,avocado &cucumber,insid topped w.spicy tuna,crunch scallion & tobiko



Crabmeat,shrimp,crunch, spicy mayo inside ,topped w.salmon



Onion,avocado,seared tuna inside,topped spicy tuna crunch,eel sauce spicy mayo tobiko



Spicy tuna, crunch inside,topped any fish,cruch, eelsauce,spicy mayo,tobiko



Deep fried tempura shrimp inside, topped w.broiled whole piece eel & spicy sauce.



Smoked salmon asparagus,cream cheese,crunch crabstick,spicy mayo,eel,sauce,top w.eel tuna,avocado & Tobiko



Salmon, avocado, inside top seared tuna, chop salmon on top amd special sauce on top ,tobiko.



Deep fried shrimp tempura w.snow crab, mango, avocado and soy bean



Seared tuna,avocado,soy paper,crunch,mayo,onion top king crab jelapeno



Crunch snowcrab, avocado,inside topped whole piece eel,crunch,eel sauce,tokiko.