Must-dos – Student Transition and Success — Binghamton Advantage Program | Binghamton University

Must do’s/next steps (after you’ve paid your enrollment deposit)

Access computer accounts

Your Binghamton University Computer Account is used to access all online resources
on campus: housing request form, public computers on campus, Medicat (health forms),
Internet connection, BU BRAIN Self-Service etc. You access your computer account by
logging in with your user ID and password (PODS password). Follow these instructions to log in. 

You will also be assigned a SUNY Broome unique campus computer account username and
password, which allows access to the SUNY Broome campus network, your campus email
account and lab computers. This is mailed to you once you submit your deposit. 

Your SUNY Broome campus computer account username and password provides access to
the student web portal, Log into MyCollege to:

  • receive official SUNY Broome information and communications
  • access course registration and schedule information, academic records, financial aid
    and admissions information
  • check your grades

Access email accounts

As a student attending one institution while living on the other, you will have two
seperate and equally important email accounts. Official information and communications
from each of the institutions is sent to their respective account. 

Your BMail account is where all official Binghamton University information and communications
are sent.
You should check your Bmail at least twice daily to assure that you are up to date on campus notifications, required student account
transactions and other deadline-oriented actions that you are required to complete.

By May 31, 2021, you should have received a letter via the US postal service from
SUNY Broome with your SUNY Broome B#, email address and temporary password. Be sure
to set up your email, which can be accessed accessed through MyCollege or directly via webmail. Your SUNY Broome email account is where all official SUNY Broome information and communications
are sent
. Students should check this email account at least twice daily.

Do NOT merge or combine these two gmail based accounts, as forwarded message are automatically
directly for spam or trash. Keep them as two seperate and independent email accounts.

Send final high-school transcript  

All students are required to submit an official, final high-school transcript, including
graduation date and seal, stamp or signature, or a GED. By May 31, 2022, students should submit a request to their high school guidance office, requesting
that at the conclusion of the spring semester, an official, final transcript be mailed
or emailed to SUNY Broome and Binghamton admissions offices.
If you attempted or completed any college coursework while attending high school,
you must have those official college transcripts should also be sent to SUNY Broome
and Binghamton University.

NOTE: If you are having issues getting your transcript , contact Binghamton University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions and SUNY Broome Admissions Office.

Transcripts should be sent directly from the high school or agency prior to Orientation
at the following locations:

  • SUNY Broome Admissions Office, PO Box 1017, Binghamton, NY 13902
  • Binghamton University Undergraduate Admissions, PO Box 6001, Binghamton, NY 13902-6001 

OR, ask the high school or agency email your official transcipt to AND

Timely receipt of transcripts and test scores will ensure that advisement is accurate
and assures that no holds are placed on your student account at Binghamton University
and/or SUNY Broome (preventing you from completing essential, future online transactions).

Know your B-Numbers

As a student participating in this program and engaging with two institutions, you
will have two B#s. These numbers are your unique identifiers for you at the respective
institution when access services. 

The B-Number is the primary identification number for students at Binghamton. To access
it, log into the Binghamton portal,, click on the BU BRAIN Self-Service icon in the top left-hand corner, select the
“Home” tab and click on “What’s My B-Number?” You will be able to access this after
your pay your enrollment deposit. 

For SUNY Broome,  you will receive a  letter via the US postal service that includes
your SUNY Broome B#, email address and temporary password after you make your enrollment

Advanced Placement (AP) credit

To receive proper credit for any AP courses taken, you must have your AP scores sent
to Binghamton University. If you did not send your scores using the AP Answer Sheet,
you may order score reports online, or by mail or fax. Please make sure that you follow the instructions based off how you’re requesting
your scores to be sent. Note: Binghamton University’s school code is 2535 and SUNY
Broome’s is 2048. Test scores  may receive credit based on the policy established
by the State University of New York. You should also bring your student copy with
you to your summer academic advising meeting.

International Baccalaureate (IB) credit

Credit is awarded only for higher-level IB exams, with scores of 4 or 5 receiving
four credits, and scores of 6 or 7 receiving eight credits. IB scores are submitted
through the International Baccalaureate  website.

Students in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program may receive up to 32 credits.
To receive the full 32 credits, the following conditions must be met:

  • The IB diploma must be completed with a score of 30 or more points; and
  • The student must complete at least three higher-level exams with a score of 5 or higher.

Diploma holders who meet these conditions receive credit for their individual exam
scores plus additional liberal arts elective credit to total 32 credits.

SUNY General Education requirements can be satisfied by completing higher-level exams
in five of the 10 areas of competency. In addition, the General Education requirement
for foreign language is satisfied by a score of 4-7 on either the higher level or
standard level exams.

Sign up for Housing at Binghamton University

As a student in the Binghamton Advantage Program, you are requried to live on campus.
To start this process, you will need to fill out the housing application. You will then receive a randomally selected date/time from the Office of Residential
Life of when you can physically choose your community, building, floor, and room.
For more information about this and to review the different communities, please visit
the Office of Residential Life’s webpage. 

Sign up for  Orientation

We are excited to be able to offer an in-person orientation! You will have a choice
of 5 different orientation dates in July. Click here to learn more!   If you have questions, contact New Student Programs at 607-777-4986

Register for three courses prior to Orientation

You must register for three (3) courses to to ensure you have a productive session with an academic advisor at Orientation
and are able to finalize your fall schedule. You are strongly encouraged to register
for on-campus courses versus online courses when possible.  Additional information
about this process was sent to you back in May in an email sent to both your Binghamton
University and SUNY Broome emails. 

Submit health forms

New York state requires that students submit information related to health and medical information to colleges and universities. To streamline this process, Binghamton University will
serve as the primary repository of immunization records, but will provide copies of
all submitted documents to SUNY Broome. As these documents may take time to locate
and/or request from medical offices, we encourage you to begin this process now. If
you have any questions, contact Decker Health Services Center at
or 607-777-2221. You will need your Binghamton University B-Number (student ID number).
Students over 18 can request this service themselves without parent/guardian involvement. 

Students receive weekly notifications to their Binghamton email account if they are
not in compliance. 

NOTE: If you are experiencing difficulty obtaining proof of immunization due to the
COVID-19 outbreak, contact the Decker Student Health Services Center at 

New York state residency information

To qualify for the New York resident tuition fee, a student is required by law (NYS
Education Law, Section 6305) to present once each academic year, a residency certificate
indicating that they have been a legal resident of the state of New York for one year,
and of a county for six months. This certificate is obtained from your home county. No
other documentation will satisfy this requirement.

New York state counties will issue certificates up to 60 calendar days prior to the
start of the semester and until 30 days into the semester. Counties are permitted
by law to refuse applications after the 30th day of the semester. Many counties adhere
to this deadline with no exceptions.

Each New York county processes residency requests differently. Some must be done in
person only and some via mail only. We cannot accept scanned or faxed copies of the certificate issued to you. For more details
and to obtain the forms, visit Broome’s residency website.  

Note: Tuition bills will include non-resident charges for students who have not submitted
a valid certificate of residency to the SUNY Broome Student Accounts Office. Non-resident
charges double the tuition portion of the bill.

Secure ID cards

A Binghamton student ID card is needed for access to campus housing, residential and campus dining facilities,
library services, athletic event admission, bus transportation and more. You must upload a photo for your student ID.

A SUNY Broome student ID card is needed for access to library services, athletics events, discounts with many area
businesses and more. Once you are registered for classes, go online to upload a photo and set up your student ID card.

Sign up for Emergency Alert contact information

Binghamton uses an emergency alert system called B-Alert that is capable of sending users text, voice and email messages.

Students are automatically enrolled in this system upon enrolling. You are encouraged
to add your parents to your B-Alert account. You may add up to three email addresses
and three cell phone numbers by clicking on “My Information” and updating your information
under Emergency Alert Notification (Rave Mobile Safety). 

SUNY Broome uses an emergency alert system called Rave-Alert. Students are automatically enrolled in the Rave Alert. 

Questions? Call SUNY Broome Campus Safety at 607-778-5083.

Confirm Binghamton University Code of Student Conduct

You will confirm your receipt of the Binghamton University Code of Student Conduct when you log into BU BRAIN for the first time as a student. You cannot access areas
of BU BRAIN without accepting the Code of Student Conduct as it is a requirement of
the State of New York and SUNY where you positively affirm the Code of Student Conduct
as a condition of your enrollment. If you have questions, contact the Office of Student
Conduct at or 607-777-6210.

SUNY Broome Rules of Student Conduct

By attending SUNY Broome you accept responsibility for adhering to its Rules of Student Conduct. Because SUNY Broome strives to ensure the success of all its community members,
its standards of conduct may exceed federal, state or local requirements.  Students
are held responsible for any actions that violate the Code of Student Conduct both
on and off the SUNY Broome campus.  

If you have questions, contact the Associate Vice President/Dean of Students office
at 607-778-5681 or

Seek Part-Time Employment 

SUNY Broome employs over 120 students through the Federal Work Study (FWS) program
in both on- and off-campus positions. FWS employment is based upon financial aid need
and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  Students may work up to 20 hours
per week when classes are in session or up to 37.5 hours a week during class vacations.
Pay is minimum wage. SUNY Broome also has non-work study position available as well.
You can find additional information about on campus employment by clicking here. 

Students seeking part-time, non-work study employment opportunities through Binghamton
University should register at hireBING. To build marketable skills, BAP students are encouraged to take advantage of the
training resources offered by Binghamton’s Fleishman Center student employment initiative.

Proof of Enrollment (if needed)

An insurance company, scholarship program, loan company or other third party may require a
student and/or family to show proof of enrollment (also called enrollment verification).

To obtain official enrollment verification information, the student must first complete
and submit the SUNY Broome Information Release Form. The form can be found at the Registrar’s Office or accessed online, completed and
submitted via FAX or USPS. Within the document, the student must select Letter of
Enrollment and complete the question related to whom the information can be shared.
If you have any questions, contact the Registrar’s Office at 607-778-5527 or via email