Must-Try Restaurants: CZNBURAK – The Modern East

If you haven’t heard of CZNBURAK yet, then you must be living under a rock. This Turkish chef and Downtown Dubai restaurant owner has taken social media by storm with his fantastic videos of his cooking and dishes attracting millions of people, including several celebrities, to his restaurants. Want to learn more about this extravagant chef and the story behind his restaurants? Keep reading!

Who is CZNBurak?

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Credits: Instagram (@cznburak)

Burak Özdemir (born March 24, 1994), nicknamed CZNBurak, is a Turkish chef and restaurateur. His technique for preparing and presenting Turkish and Syrian recipes, generally while gazing directly into the camera with a smile, made him an Internet celebrity at only 26 years old! Burak owns the Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrasi chain of restaurants, which consists of 4 branches: Taksim, Aksaray, Etiler, and a first overseas branch in Dubai.

Prior to these astounding achievements, CZNBurak’s father operated the ‘Zeytindalı Restaurant’ in Sisli, Istanbul; and both his father and his grandfather have become talented individuals of this culinary heritage. Fun fact, CZNBurak’s passion for the culinary arts began when he was 13 years old and actually started working at his father’s restaurant.

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Credits: Instagram (@cznburak)

With more than 1000 employees in all of their restaurants and other business in which the family is involved, they host an average of 3000-5000 guests every day! In a very short time; they have become an irrevocable flavor stop for statesmen, politicians, famous artists, actors, and famous athletes who stop by to try their delicious food.

For this reason, CZNBurak started to be referred to as the ‘Restaurant of Celebrities”. “Depending on the success we have achieved, we have received very serious offers for opening branches from various countries,” CZNBurak says, “As a result of the evaluations, we have agreed to open new branches in various countries of the world starting with Dubai.”

The CZNBurak Dubai Experience

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Credits: Instagram (@cznburak)

The new Middle Eastern Turkish restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating, plus there are gorgeous views of Burj Khalifa to enjoy, too.

The menu promises a blend of Middle Eastern and Turkish influenced dishes, plus bespoke drinks from a team of acclaimed mixologists. There will be more than 150 dishes on the menu – so get ready to make some mouth-watering decisions.