My Review of Worcester’s Newest Restaurant: The Mercantile | Her Campus

The newest restaurant in Worcester has taken the city by storm and if you haven’t heard about it or gone, you have to! The Mercantile, located near Fuel America, is a must try before the end of school arrives. I have already been about 4 times and have tried multiple things on the menu and I am here to recommend what dishes to get! 

Vegetable Rangoons 

These vegetable rangoons are a must try. They are absolutely delicious and my go-to appetizer or shared plate. They are filled with spinach artichoke dip inside and the buffalo-ranch sauce is so good I always save it next to my plate to see what else I can dip in it for the rest of the meal! 

Warm Pretzels 

This is another great small plate to start with. It only comes with a few pretzels so it is definitely not a hefty appetizer, but if you want something smaller I would suggest starting with this. The pretzels are delicious and it feels like it melts in your mouth. It also comes with a mustard sauce to dip in and I love it. 

Chicken Potstickers 

This is my most recent try at the Mercantile and it sure did not disappoint. These potstickers are small, but a great way to start your meal! The sauce was delicious and the potstickers itself were unlike any I’ve had before. If I were not to get the vegetable rangoons, this is my second choice. 

Baked Mac & Cheese Pizza 

When I saw this on the menu, I had to try it the first time I went. It did not disappoint! The pizza is not overwhelmed with mac and cheese which I liked, but it definitely made the pizza more cheesy and yummy. It is topped with “liquid gold,” which I discovered was a cheese drizzled on top of the pizza. Overall, if you love pizza and mac and cheese, this pizza was made for you! 

Buffalo Chicken Pizza 

The kitchen accidentally made one too many of this pizza, so the chef delivered the extra pizza to our table and this has got to be one of the best buffalo chicken pizzas I have ever had. It was not overwhelming with all the flavors, but it was perfect. I also loved the red onion on top of the pizza which is a touch I haven’t had on a buffalo chicken pizza before and has got to be one of my favorite parts. Definitely, definitely get this pizza!! 

Poke Bowl 

I am a huge poke bowl fan so I just had to try this. The fish on the bowl was extremely fresh and you could tell. There was not too much spicy mayo but the perfect amount to add some great flavor. I also thought the rice was amazing as it was not sticky rice like most poke bowls have but it tasted amazing. 

If you are 21+, the drinks at the Mercantile are to die for. My favorite three are the fiore, persephone, and sunset spritz. (You can also get the sunset spritz in a tower which is a great deal if you are going out with friends as it gives you some bang for your buck(: ).

Now, run, don’t walk to The Mercantile and try all this out!!! The menu has something for everyone on it, so even if my favorites aren’t up your alley, the atmosphere is still worth it and you’ll find something to enjoy!