myCourses – Faculty User Guide

Best Practices for Course Design

Instructional Design services


Global Navigation bar  
Course Settings
Using the Student View


Add/Edit Syllabus
Using the Syllabus
Using Modules  (Examples of how to use Modules)
Add Modules (Chunking your course content)
Add course content to a Module
Add content to a Page
Add External Tools
Using Box through myCourses   

Video/Audio created by you

Kaltura (Media Gallery)

Video/Audio from online resources

Add Library multimedia resources
Add YouTube video 


Create Assigment (Online submission)  
Create Assignment  (In-class submission or participation)
Assign Assignment to Groups (includes how to setup groups)
Create Assignment using Turnitin’s Simcheck plagiarism tool
Create Rubrics
Add Rubrics to Assignment


What are Discussions?
Create Discussions
Create Group Discussion
Add Rubric to Graded Discussion


Create Classic Quiz
Create Survey using Classic Quiz


Gradebook overview
Missing Submission Policy
Late Submission Policy
Create a grade column for non-submission assignment
View grades as point value instead of percentage

Weighting Grades

Weight Grades using Assignment Groups
Setup Weighted Groups
How grades are calculated using Weighted Groups